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Hey guys and gals,

Just wanted to share my bonus page with a small percentage of my list...as some will lose out as they never opened the email in the first place and I want to incentivize you for coming over and checking out the Speedy Profit Creator, by my buddy Omar Martin.

Because I know the value he is giving out for his $37.00 Mac Daddy Level is a steal and you will be getting many times more in return from it (from training to the community developing on Facebook already!) I wanted to give back as well.

Omar and his wife, Melinda have been good to me over the years and I wanted to return the favor to those who picked up Speedy Profit Creator, though I am not loaded and have to limit my bonuses to first come first served and have 100 bonuses to give out for those who grab the Mac Daddy level...I mean, come on...for $37.00 bucks...thats nothing and you are going to get a ton in return.

If you decide to go for the Basic ($5.00) or Pro ($17.00) memberships I have pro-rated bonuses to offer you as well..Find out more below

Now checkout our AMAZING ADDITIONAL BONUSES that you ALSO get when you grab Speedy Profit Creator from this page ONLY:

Free Silver access to the Product Profits Club: (Basic, Pro and Mac Daddy Buyers get this)
Real Value = $27.00
What better way to compliment product creation software with a membership bonus in a product creation membersite where you can expand you training:

Product Profits Club

Product Review and blog post: (Basic, Pro and Mac Daddy Buyers get this)
Real Value = $Priceless
I will review your product once you have made it (you must provide me a review copy) and I will post it on my Blogs at YourReviewGuru.com and MagneticSponsors.com/Blog.  I will provide constructive criticism and honesty as I do not like to sugar coat things.

Full access to the Webinar Basics 5 Day course: (Basic, Pro and Mac Daddy Buyers get this)
Real Value = $10.00
What a better way to promote your products than to run a live event, webinar/conference where you can interact with people from your niche.  You will get the full course access in one swoop and not have to mess around with opting into my list and getting other offers thrown at your head.

Webinar Basics

Webinar Basics PLR DVD Mailed out: (Pro and Mac Daddy Buyers only!)
Real Value = $27.00
Our Pro and Mac Daddy members grab this great DVD (shown above in Bonus #4) with PLR of how to get a webinar to help your business.  Also included in the DVD are quickstart videos and training and unannounced bonuses (I guess you will just have to get the Pro membership of Speedy profit Creator to find out now huh...but why bother when you can grab even more with the Mac Daddy account level!)

Comments on your blog or website: (Pro and Mac Daddy Buyers only!)
Real Value = $Priceless
I will come over to your blog or website and leave comments based on your products/courses etc that I reviewed in Bonus #2 above.  Nothing like building the social proof huh?  These will be high quality blog comments with value and content, unlike the spam you may be receiving up to this point.

Mystery Bonus: (Pro and Mac Daddy Buyers only!)
Real Value = $97.00
You are already getting some great stuff up to this point as well as one other killer in #7 below...So I have to keep up the suspense as this one will keep you building out instead of sticking with one thing for the rest of your life.


Lifetime Access to "WeeklyImprovement.com": (Pro and Mac Daddy Buyers only!)
Real Value = $97.00
In this soon to be released memebersite, I am going to help you build your product creation ideas on a weekly basis with complete access to WeeklyImprovement.com.  Whether it is improving your relationship or learning a new computer skill, becoming a more well rounded individual will play a role in your development online and off.  You will allso be able to earn affiliate commissions as a member to get even more out of it.  See many of the topics below in number #8

Self Improvement Millionaires Volume #1 and #2: (Mac Daddy Buyers only!)
Real Value = $297.00

More Products to build your Speedy Profit Empire with: You get access to 70 niche PLR products including PDF, Audio and more on a DVD that will be delivered to your house! (delivered after refund time has passed so I can cover the shipping etc.) NOTHING TO DOWNLOAD AND NOTHING TO SIGN UP FOR WITH THIS HERE!  Hence, this is teh fast track to Bonus #7 above!

Self Improvement Millionaires Volume 1Self Improvement Millionaires Volume 2

Weekly Improvement Volume 1

Week 1- Boost Your Confidence
Week 2- How to manage and conquer depression
Week 3- Goal Realization Made easy
Week 4- I can therefore I will
Week 5- Secrets of a happy marriage revealed
Week 6- The Obesity terminator
Week 7- Sweet Sleep right now
Week 8- Speed Reading Monster Course
Week 9- Powerful Ways to Sharpen Your Memory
Week 10- The Wealth Express
Week 11- Super Tactics of Time Management Experts
Week 12- Hypnosis Mania
Week 13- How to get rid of Panic and Anxiety for good
Week 14- Body Language magic
Week 15- How to be a public speaking superstar
Week 16- How to conquer Difficult People
Week 17- How to be an ace athlete
Week 18- 12 Winning Leadership Qualities
Week 19- Spanish Language Speed Learning Course
Week 20- Steps to a longer-Healthier Live
Week 21- How to Command and Master your emotions
Week 22- Muscle Sculpting Secrets
Week 23- How to be a champion negotiator
Week 24- How to dominate your fears and phobias
Week 25- Unleash the Creative new you
Week 26- The Wonderful Power of Charisma
Week 27- Personality Makeover Reinvent Yourself
Week 28- How to fill your life with unlimited abundance
Week 29- Revolutionary Positive Thinking
Week 30- Amazing Secrets of organizing time and space
Week 31- How to find true happiness and keep it forever
Week 32- Assertiveness- The art of getting your way nicely
Week 33- Laugh Factor- how to develop your sense of humor
Week 34- Detoxify your life- Eliminating Bad Habits
Week 35- How to exploit your brains unlimited power
Week 36- Living a Fulfilling single life

Weekly Improvement Volume 2
Week 1- Smart Parenting-Raising Happy Children
Week 2-Wipeout stress in record time
Week 3- Hold that thought-How to stay focused
Week 4- Selling your way to your first million-become a top notch salesperson
Week 5- No More Shyness-Enhance your relationships and social life
Week 6- Finding Your Dream Work from home job
Week 7- Hidden powers of universal laws
Week 8- Finding Someone Special Online
Week 9- Subconscious Programming for Maximum Results
Week 10- Office Politics- How to navigate and stay afloat
Week 11- How to defeat procrastination
Week 12- Cheat Proof Your Marriage without a detective
Week 13- How to be your own Psychiatrist
Week 14- Parenting your Pre-teen
Week 15- Ripping Loose-Calming Down- A guide to anger Management
Week 16- NLP For beginners- Idiot Proof Guide to Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Week 17- Creative Visualization-Getting what you want in life
Week 18- Natural healing wonders to enhanced health and well being
Week 19- Set your motivation on Fire
Week 20- Power of Mind Mapping
Week 21- Discover and Unleash your power-How to make your thoughts a reality
Week 22- Energy unlimited-Building energy amidst stress and anxiety
Week 23- Dream job in a handshake- How to ace your Interview
Week 24- Overcoming addiction to regain control of your life
Week 25- How to be a master communicator-Speak effectively in any situation
Week 26- Ignite your metabolism to the fast track
Week 27- Persuasive copywriting secrets
Week 28- How to plan a memorable wedding
Week 29- Speak out- Guide to impressive speeches
Week 30- How to earn an income with Freelance writing
Week 31- Get lean the easy way
Week 32- Earn a 6 figure income with your Own life coaching business
Week 33- Ensure your Dream Life with the law of attraction
Week 34- How to be a genius

Lifetime text message/email coaching from me: (Mac Daddy Buyers only!)
Real Value = $Priceless
When you need some quick answers, getting in touch with someone who has been there can be considered priceless.  You are going to get lifetime access to me with text message and email coaching.  I will be in touch with the bonuses and you can start asking questions...Be considerate and plan out your questions.

30 Minute Kunaki Consult with me: (Mac Daddy Buyers only!)
Real Value = $50.00
One of the ways to improve your conversions is to get yourself making physical products (hence my some of my other bonuses) and using Kunaki.com is a great way to get your work done to send hig quality DVD's and CD's to your subscribers.  You are going to get a full on 30 minute consult with me to go over your set up with Kunaki...or to talk about anything else marketing


Don't Miss Out on This BONUS, Make Sure You Grab Yours Right Away,
as it's for a Very Limited Time Only!

IMPORTANT: How to Claim Your BONUS!

This bonus is available for a limited time only and this page may be removed anytime without notice. Order Speedy Profit Creator NOW, from the button or link below to claim our BONUS!

Once you click the order button you will see the ClickBank order page, be sure the affiliate ID is 'baresales' displayed at the bottom of that page:

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If you want to be SURE that we get credited for your purchase, so that you can be SURE to get your BONUS, then we suggest you empty your browser cache (instructions at the bottom of the page), close all your web browser windows, then click on the link to our bonus page again, then click on the Speedy Profit Creator banner above, or click here.

Important! All bonus claims will be manually verified and you will not be sent your bonus if you did not follow these instructions.

In order to claim your bonuses, please send your Payment Receipt to:
DaveGardner@MagneticSponsors.com with 'Speedy Profit Creator Bonus' in the subject.

Here is the link again that you need to use, in order to get our BONUS:

>> Click Here To Access Speedy Profit Creator & Bonuses <<

Remember, this bonus is for a very limited time only, don't hang about!

Once we have verified your purchase, we will reply to your email with everything you need.

Remember, in order to receive your bonuses you MUST
purchase from the links on this page.

IMPORTANT: In order to claim your bonuses, please send your Payment Receipt to:
With 'Speedy Profit Creator Bonus' in the subject.

Good luck!

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Dave Gardner



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